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The fall marks the start of the college sports season. While every game, whether talking about football or basketball, are important there are some games that take on an extra level of importance for the fans. These rivalry games have been cultivated over the decades and lead fans of each team to suffer just a little bit more when they are on the short end of the rivalry. Check out the best of the best in college sports.

Duke vs North Carolina

The two North Carolina based schools have long had a heated rivalry. While it’s true the rivalry has been more heated in basketball, it’s starting to pick up steam in football as well. The basketball rivalry stems from the two teams being close in geography and also usually battling it out for the top of the ACC.

Army vs Navy

The Army-Navy football game is one that is played on the last weekend of college football’s regular season specifically so that it can take center stage. There are few football games that have the pageantry and tradition of this one, including both teams singing each others’ fight song when the game is done. This is basically the polar opposite of North Carolina-Duke, where the rivalry is much stronger in football than it is in basketball.

Florida vs Georgia

Like Army-Navy, this rivalry is much stronger on the football field, where the annual matchup is known as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” The game is often heated and has helped determine the winner of the SEC East more than once, but this rivalry game gets so much attention because of the spectacle off the field.

Kentucky vs Louisville

This is one rivalry that has seen almost as much importance on the basketball court as on the football field. The two football teams used to open the season against one another on an annual basis. The in-state rivalry was then boosted by the fact that both teams were looking to open the season on a positive note. In basketball, it’s a big rivalry because the two teams are often battling it out for the mantle of best team in the country. The rivalry has taken on extra meaning lately as former Louisville coach Rick Pitino had also coached for a time at Kentucky, adding fodder to the animosity between the two schools.